Microvellum Introduces Blum MERIVOBOX Drawer System in Latest Software Update

Microvellum, a leading software provider in the woodworking industry, has introduced the highly anticipated Blum MERIVOBOX drawer system as part of its latest update to the Foundation Library. The release of this innovative hardware system enhances manufacturing capabilities and simplifies the assembly of drawers and pull-outs, catering to a diverse range of demands.


Enhanced Functionality and Design Aesthetics

The Blum MERIVOBOX platform offers a seamless solution for creating drawers and pull-outs that seamlessly combine functionality with stunning design. This system empowers manufacturers and designers to transform their ideas into reality, meeting both their and their customers’ requirements effectively.


Microvellum’s MERIVOBOX hardware add-on includes a host of features aimed at providing flexibility and versatility:

  • Multiple height selections
  • Three options for high-fronted pull-outs
  • Three methods for front fixing brackets
  • Three finish choices
  • Compatibility with 40kg and 70kg runners in various lengths
  • Over 100 drawing blocks and molding drawings


Empowering Designers and Manufacturers

The MERIVOBOX drawer system add-on, thoughtfully crafted by Microvellum’s Product Engineering Team, is an exclusive offering within the Foundation Library. It can be accessed either through the regular monthly library update or as a separate download, ensuring ease of integration for users.

Microvellum’s Product Engineering Team is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and expanding the product library to cater to various markets. From cabinetry to office furniture, closets, and custom products, their focus encompasses a wide array of woodworking solutions. By continually improving product data, this team aims to enrich the experiences of both Microvellum’s internal teams and clients.



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