Mereen Johnson Introduces 1905 Automation

Mereen-Johnson recently announced the launch of its newest division: 1905 Automation. Founded in 1905, Mereen-Johnson is launching 1905 Automation to broaden its reach within and beyond the wood industry.

Since 1905, Mereen-Johnson has been providing innovative solutions for unique applications & production requirements. From single-person shops to Fortune-500 companies, Mereen-Johnson’s diverse expertise allows our customers to continue to raise the bar. Additionally, our engineering capacity allows us to design & build rough mill systems integrated with vision-optimizing systems customized to each customer’s needs.

“1905 Automation will allow us to expand into new markets by leveraging our considerable automation experience,” said CEO Paul Wilmes. “We have been building automated systems for 115 years, largely within the wood industry. 1905 Automation will utilize our intellectual property and manufacturing resources to address automation within and beyond the wood market.”

For years, Mereen-Johnson has been committed to waste reduction, increased output, and growing customer profits. Mereen-Johnson is known for designing and building high tech durable machines built to handle diverse materials in any industry. From natural woods and fibers to today’s & tomorrow’s high-tech composites, Mereen-Johnson is a cut above the rest.

“1905 Automation will help turn concepts into action, based upon fulfilling customer demands using our internal design-build expertise, advanced technology-driven mechanical, and electrical engineering prowess,” said Division Manager Brandon Alberts. “Our capabilities include UL panel building; advanced fabrication and machining, precision assembly, advanced mechanical and controls engineering as well as robotics.”

Having access to Mereen Johnson’s 150,000 square feet of production space, 1905 Automation will be able to efficiently build, test, and prove design automation-based solutions for customers.

The capability to produce nearly everything in-house empowers 1905 Automation to design, build, and deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions, and built to the most stringent customer specifications.

“At 1905 Automation, our goal is to deliver quality, reliable and effective solutions for OEM manufacturers across the globe,” stated Alberts. “When customers turn to us for automation-based solutions, we deliver innovative answers to customer demands on time and on budget.”

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