MATCHFIT Dovetail Ratchet Clamp by MicroJig

MicroJig has introduced the MATCHFIT Dovetail Ratchet Clamp, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of woodworking projects. This innovative clamp combines multiple features to provide woodworkers with a versatile and user-friendly solution for their clamping needs.

The key features of the MATCHFIT Dovetail Ratchet Clamp include its dovetail clamp head, anti-pivot spring, and fast-acting ratchet mechanism, setting it apart from other clamps available in the market. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. Exclusive Anti-Pivot Spring: Unlike conventional clamps, MicroJig’s Ratchet Clamp incorporates an exclusive “Anti-Pivot” AP Spring that holds the clamp arm securely in place. This means you can release the pressure, adjust your workpiece, and reclamp without the need to readjust the arm, whether it’s positioned upside down or right side up.
  2. Fast-Acting Ratchet Mechanism: Adjusting the clamp arm for a secure hold is a breeze with the fast-acting ratchet mechanism. Simply place the pad on your stock and pull the handle to set the hold. Each click of the ratchet increases the pressure. Opening the clamp is just as easy – press the release button, and it instantly releases the hold.
  3. Versatile Usage: The MATCHFIT Dovetail Ratchet Clamp can be used wherever you can create the MatchFit Dovetail Groove. Whether you make this groove using a standard ½” wide, 14-degree dovetail bit or opt for MicroJig’s MatchFit Dovetail Bit, you’ll enjoy a secure and efficient clamping solution.
  4. Stability and Convenience: The clamp’s long ratchet handle provides superior leverage, making it user-friendly for individuals with hand grip issues. The positive lock of the ratchet mechanism ensures that the clamp won’t loosen, even under heavy vibrations caused by processes like grinding or routing.
  5. Always Ready to Use: MicroJig’s Anti-Pivot AP Spring “pre-loads” the clamp arm, preventing it from falling when released. This means you can clamp and release repeatedly without needing to reset the arm, saving you valuable time.

The MATCHFIT Dovetail Ratchet Clamp by MicroJig offers unparalleled speed, versatility, and ease of use. Its Anti-Pivot Spring technology, powerful hold-down pressure, and quick-action ratchet mechanism transform your workspace, opening up innovative clamping possibilities while ensuring a secure grip on your workpieces.

Key Specifications:

  • Clamp Capacity: 7″
  • Throat Depth: 2-1/2″

Woodworkers and craftsmen will find this clamp to be an indispensable addition to their tool collection, providing a reliable and efficient solution for various woodworking tasks.

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