Manufacturers’ Roundtable at WMS 2017

Want to improve your profile? Confused about customer relations?

Help us support your customers!

As you may have read, Wood Industry magazine is conducting a Manufacturers’ Roundtable during WMS 2017. The idea is to gather as many manufacturers and managers (your customers) as possible in one private place and let them discuss issues of interest among themselves, with the only “outsider” being Publisher Kerry Knudsen as moderator.

Historically, this has been really popular.

As a sponsor of Wood Industry’s Manufacturers’ Roundtable, you will be recognized as a supplier that supports expansion, energy and strength in the sector. By sponsoring the event, you are not only telling your customers that you respect their need for confidential communication, but you are telling your competitors the same. If ever there was a chance to increase your public relations profile with your customers, this is it.

In addition to profile, Wood Industry will provide:

  • Signage at WMS
  • Signage at Manufacturers’ Roundtable
  • Logo in promotional ads and materials
  • Editorial support in advance of the event
  • Editorial support following the event

The Roundtable takes place on Saturday morning, Nov. 4, at the Royal Ambassador Event Centre in Caledon East, just north of the International Centre. Sponsorship revenue will be reinvested in quality takeaways to align the experience with your brand.

If you are looking for outside-the-box marketing, this is it! Your investment is only $500 to join progressive, industry-minded suppliers Akhurst, Taurus Craco, Grass Canada, PDS (Precision Drive Systems), Super Thin Saws, Weima, White Oak Custom Woodworking, Axalta and others as a supplier committed to your customers’ success!

Contact me today to book your sponsorship:

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