Making short work of long panel cuts

WI0115-00027-HCL6-pan-saw-loresHendrick Manufacturing’s new HC6 PL Panel Saw cuts panels up to 12 feet long. The heavy-duty, high speed computerized saw cuts to both four- and six-inch depths. It has a 25 hp, variable-speed motor (20 hp with four-inch depth cut; 25 hp with six-inch depth cut). It features quick blade change, dual fully-automatic crosscut side alignment devices, rack-and-pinion saw carriage traverse and closed-loop, digital AC servo rack-and-pinion pinion pusher. The pusher has digital magnetic scale read-back for precision positioning. On-board optimization and diagnostics software are included in the embedded Windows Industrial PC controller. HC6 standard cut lengths are five, eight, 10 and 12 feet.

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