Magnum Millwork: Young, But Experienced

Grace Tatigian

Most of the companies that get press and recognition are long-established businesses, and while we love the experience and insight they bring to the industry, we were thrilled to see some new companies being honoured at the AWMAC Ontario awards this year. Magnum Millwork, established in June 2019 in the GTA, won two awards at the event. First, for their Glengown Residence project in the residential category, and second for their Ascend Cannabis project in the Export category.

I reached out to speak with Patricia Coelho, designer, about the company and its work. They’ve had an impressive first couple of years in the business.

“I was just looking at the numbers for our 2020 fiscal year. We did 120 jobs,” Coelho shared. “And we currently have about forty jobs on the go all at different stages: drawing, production, final measurements. We’re almost at the point where we need to stop taking new business.”

These projects include two YMCA facilities in Vaughn and Kingston, the Fairmont Hotel, and many residential projects around the GTA. This large volume of work has meant the company has grown significantly since its start a couple of short years ago.

“We’re up to 30 employees,” said Coelho. “And we have a 13,000 square foot production facility in North York that’s packed to the max.”

This facility is pretty well all-inclusive. They do everything in-house except stone and metalwork. They handle everything from design to production and installation. The one-stop-shop nature of Magnum is part of what has led them to be so successful.

“A lot of our clients are builders making 10-12 homes per year,” explained Coelho. “They’re pretty much all referrals. People see our work, like it, and then the business comes to us.”

These successes are even more significant when considering that Magnum opened a few short months before the pandemic began. They hardly had the chance to hit their stride before the world changed. I wanted to chat about that, but the answer wasn’t what I expected.

“Our biggest challenge was materials, like everyone else,” explained Coelho. Being a new company during COVID-19 wasn’t as big a challenge for them as I had anticipated. “Though our company is relatively young, the majority of our carpenters have been in the woodworking industry from a very young age, bringing years of experience and expertise to our team.”

This experience came in handy, particularly in some of their high-end residential projects, like the award-winning Glengown residence.

“For a lot of our projects, our work goes far beyond the cabinets,” said Coelho. “There’s a lot of hidden millwork throughout the house: behind the doors and in the stairs. We did the kitchen, the bar, the bathroom vanities. There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity when you’re doing the whole home.”

The Glengown residence featured a lot of walnut throughout the home, both in solid wood and veneer. The cabinets were half-inch shaker profiles, which Coelho described as “much sleeker than the traditional two-inch style.”

Many of the projects Magnum works on are new residential builds, but they do renovations and commercial work as well, such as their other award-winning project, the Boston-based Ascend Cannabis. The high-end cannabis store features millwork with a blend of various paint colours, laminate selection, wood veneer, and solid wood rift-cut white oak materials in conjunction with metal, lights, and IT material provided by others.

“We made some beautiful free-standing kiosks with provisions for computer monitors. Plus, backlit and front-lit inset shelving with glass shelving with doors on pivot hinges for display and a variety of small, large, and L-shaped desks for point of sales POS with solid wood butcher block countertops,” said Coelho. “Everything was custom with intricate detailing and fine attention to finishes and quality. The end product turned out amazing, and the client is looking forward to awarding us the millwork for the second phase in the coming weeks.”

The quality and scope of work Magnum has made to produce in two short years has been impressive, and we look forward to seeing this company grow and develop.

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