LINEA 6015 Pressure Beam Saw


The HOLZ-HER LINEA 6015 pressure beam saw sets new standards in the economy class. The LINEA 6015 provides everything as standard features, such as air cushions on the support and machine table or the prescoring unit with 2.2 kW of power to ensure the perfect quality of your cutting work. The high acceleration values and cutting away from the stop fence are your guarantee for the fastest cycle times and maximum process reliability.

  • Main sawing motor – Provided as standard equipment with powerful 7.5 kW motor. The LINEA 6015 can be equipped with an optional high power 11 kW motor for even more power.
  • Saw blade protrusion – Max. 68 mm for cutting single panels and stacks
  • Sawing carriage – Equipped with a 300 mm primary saw blade and runs on linear guides, making it vibration-free and providing perfect precision for optimum cutting results.
  • Groove depth adjustment – The groove depth is manually adjustable from 0 – 25 mm; the groove positions and dimensions can be programmed using the control and optimisation feature.
  • Bidirectional grooving program (FCM) Fast Cut Mode – Ensures extremely short cycle times for grooving, whereby a groove is also cut as the sawing carriage moves back.
  • Automatic cutting length limitation – A proximity-type optical feature recognises the end of the workpiece – eliminating unnecessary sawing carriage travel, especially for manual cuts.
  • Optimised automatic cutting length feature – The optimisation feature controls the sawing carriage – the sawing carriage is prepositioned beneath the panel, the start and end of the cut are calculated, paths without cutting are traversed at maximum speed.
  • Prescoring saw – The prescoring saw’s powerful 2.2 kW motor easily scores even hard decorative surfaces such as HPL. The software controls the unit for adjusting the prescoring saw blade. The height and lateral adjustments can be made manually with the tool running. This allows simple and perfect adjustment of the prescoring saw on the monitor with minimum effort in the shortest possible time.
  • Quick-change clamping system for main and scoring saws – ensures precisely clamped saw blades and extremely short standstill times for changing saw blades.
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