LBR SmartFilter 


The LBR SmartFilter is a future-proof approach to dust collection that improves worker health and safety, increases productivity, efficient maintenance and enhanced sustainability. This new technology marries Nederman’s reliable and energy-efficient baghouse technology with our innovative Insight IoT (Internet of Things) platform, creating a product that prepares customers for a more automated and connected future. 

The LBR SmartFilter includes Integrated sensors on critical system components, including fans, VFDs, combustible dust isolation valves, material handling systems and more. Active monitoring with local, email and or mobile device alerts when action or maintenance is required keeps the system operating reliably and allows customers to focus on their core business. By monitoring filter performance with pressure sensors and emission monitors, filters can be changed when required versus a timed interval reducing waste. We monitor PM emissions to alert users of a torn bag or bypass. The operational data is available for viewing on any connected device to be tracked remotely, avoiding manual inspections and enabling system monitoring at multiple sites. 

One of the most innovative features of the LBR SmartFilter is the Insight Control which serves three primary functions the HMI, an IoT gateway and the filter controller, which are often separated into multiple components or require separate installation. The Insight Control includes a vibrant touch screen with a summarized home screen, a system schematic available in local units and fifteen languages and the alarming conforms with ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 global standards. Insight-connected systems also allow Nederman’s technical support and service teams to access the data to minimize downtime and keep customers productive. 

Benefits of the LBR SmartFilter to woodworking factories include:

  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Lower Material Cost
  • Improved Product Features 
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Less Material Waste 

Pricing for the LBR SmartFilter varies by model and configuration but remains in line with its predecessor, the NF baghouse. Insight connected services are available for an annual fee but are not required for local system operation as connectivity can be added at any time in the future. 

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