Kruger Packaging Is Modernizing With 100% Saturated Kraft Board

Kruger Packaging, the pulp, paper, and containerboard producer, is always searching for new ways to innovate and become more sustainable. Last week, the company announced its commitment to invest over $30 million in its Place Turcot containerboard mill in Montréal in an effort to modernize. The investment will be allocated towards enhancing productivity, energy efficiency, and integration of robotics, digitization, and artificial intelligence. Set to be completed by 2025, the Montréal facility will be the first North American plant to manufacture 100% recycled saturating kraft board.

Saturating kraft can be used for internal and external building panels, flooring and shelving, technical film plywood, and worktops. The resource can be easily customized and produced to meet furniture and construction needs. The global saturated kraft paper market forecast for 2021-2023 is anticipated to be controlled by buyers’ desire for decorative laminates in the building and construction industry and ready-to-assemble furniture. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6%. Wood pulp from softwood is used for the kraft production process and is microcrepped to ensure elasticity and porosity. A variety of wood types from southern pine and non-wood species like bamboo can be used in kraft manufacturing.

The government of Canada is contributing $10 million to Kruger Packaging’s upgrade through investments in the Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT) program. The Québec government is providing over $3 million through the Innovation Bois program and the ÉcoPerformance program. In addition to the production of sustainable kraft boards, Place Turcot facility will manufacture other specialty products from 100% recycled fibres including customized boards for residential construction, gypsum board paper, folding box boards for FDA-approved food packaging, and white top liner boards. This project is also set to secure the mill’s 153 jobs and support its continuous effort to prioritize sustainability.

PlaceTurcot Mill Plays Vital Role in Circular Economy

Companies play an essential role in the energy transition and our government is proud to support them in their modernization. Kruger Packaging’s process improvement project will have a positive effect on the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions. This announcement is in line with our 2030 Plan for a Green Economy and with our Energy Transition, Innovation, and Efficiency Master Plan” said Benoît Charette, Québec minister of the environment, the fight against climate change, wildlife, and parks and minister for the Laurentides region.

The facility’s rejuvenation will allow the mill to cement its role as a vital player in the circular economy. Place Turcot is the only consumer of old corrugated containers (OCC) in the Greater Montréal area. The mill is expected to reduce its GHG emissions via this modernization by more than 2,200 tonnes annually.

It is always gratifying to see a company like Kruger Packaging striving to improve its competitiveness by making strategic choices that are based on market analysis and the determination to offer wood-derived products that are always more eco-friendly. This innovative project promoting the decarbonization of our economy will certainly raise Kruger Packaging’s profile in the forest products industry,” notes Maïté Blanchette Vézina, Québec minister of natural resources and forests.

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