Kitchen Cabinets: Current Trends and What’s Here to Stay

Grace Tatigian

Weve all spent a great deal more time in our kitchens in the last year, whether you jumped on the bread-making bandwagon or not. With the inability to travel, more people have been investing in their homes and updating spaces that have long been on the backburner.


Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, so its no surprise that this has been the focus of many renovation projects. Whether homeowners are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, its always important to know about the most modern and up-to-date materials for quality that lasts.


George Pavlov, the Ontario Regional Sales Manager for Grass, has a lot to say about space optimization. From cabinetry to hardware, he says that everything is trending towards thinner, sleeker pieces.


You might think that changing the thickness of the boards to make an extra inch of space isnt much,” says Pavlov. But when you do that across your whole kitchen, it adds up.”


Yes, this trend is aesthetic and practical, but it also heavily influences the caliber of materials used for the build. Thinner boards mean that they need to be of higher quality so that theyre just as sturdy. Sleeker hardware cant comprise in the quality department either, or it wont last. Trends might change when it comes to aesthetics, but solid, well-built cabinetry will always be in style.


Trends are all about what is popular now and figuring out what will be popular in the future. In terms of looking forward, Pavlov also had a fair bit to say about sustainability and working towards preventing and reducing environmental impacts from the source when it comes to kitchen design.


This means adopting an integrated approach to the product, considering all aspects from the initial product idea, through production and use to disposal.”


He wasnt the only one who had something to say on the subject. Ariane Bouchard, Marketing Manager at Uniboard, was quick to bring up sustainability as well.


Its not a trend; its a new way of thinking,” says Bouchard. Its a big selling feature. People want to know what theyre buying responsibly.”


So, of course, quality and sustainability are must-haves for kitchen renovation, but those arent always immediately apparent when you walk in the room. Something that does catch your eye is the dark solid colours that have become so fashionable in the world of cabinetry. Bouchard specifically mentioned two of their newest colours: Confier, a dark green, and Wave Blue, a deep navy. 


These dark colours make for beautiful accents alongside more natural lighter synchronized finishes such as Whisper, a beige woodgrain. In terms of finish, matte is currently highly popular, a huge benefit being that it is fingerprint-resistant.


Cleanliness has always been important in the kitchen, but now people are considering that in the build phase, not only after they make a mess while cooking. Theres been a significant surge in antibacterial trends when it comes to picking materials. The non-porous nature of MDF panels makes them easy to clean, but other companies like Richelieu have taken this a step further and created a line of antibacterial cabinetry.


Cleaning the counter and the sink are regular parts of most peoples kitchen tidying routine, but few of us wipe down the cabinetry every week. Thats why antibacterial syncron panels and antimicrobial pulls, which impede the spread of bacteria, can bring people peace of mind.


People are also looking at accessories and waste disposal,” says Thierry Trempe, Marketing Director for Richelieu, about the antibacterial trend. And were seeing it move beyond the kitchen. A lot of people are renovating their trailers and tiny homes too. The RV market is growing dramatically, so we need to offer more choice for smaller kitchens.” 


In terms of choice, from functionality to aesthetics, Pavlov says he always recommends customers do their research and to talk to someone whos had their kitchen for a while. 


Someone who just bought a kitchen is going to love everything,” he explains. I always say talk to someone whos been living with their kitchen for a few years and see how its been. What they like, what they dont like. What lasted, what didnt.”


A balance between the newest trends and tried and true methods is the recipe for success in picking kitchen cabinetry, a blend of innovation and tradition.


To keep up with whats happening in the kitchen cabinetry industry, check out the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association. The CKCA promotes progress and innovation in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry by ensuring its members uphold the highest standards. They also make sure that they have access to appropriate supports and resources. Executive Director Sandra Wood is constantly finding new and creative ways to support their members through education and partnership.

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