Kentwood Moulders – HD Class


The Kentwood HD Series features heavy-duty (HD) configurations designed to meet the requirements and challenges of the high-volume industrial producer. They provide extra machining capabilities to efficiently handle applications requiring multiple changeovers due to short production runs and substantial stock removal and processing of large raw materials.

The HD machines provide stability required to produce a high-quality finish when making deep cuts running at high speeds (120 ft/min) and are available with advanced automation options and computer control. Featuring an available CNC control and ProLink tool room interface, the HD models can direct the selection of profiles, access tooling data and production schedules, and automatically position components via computer control. The manufacturer experiencing multiple changeovers per shift, working from an extensive tool library, looking to improve repeatability, and gain that extra edge in the competitive marketplace will realize an immediate return from this machine configuration.

Standard Features

  • Electronic variable drive feedworks
  • Full electronic spindle brakes
  • Pneumatic loading to control elements
  • Remote operator pendant
  • Electronic interlocking feed height adjustment
  • Telescopic table plates opposite vertical spindles
  • Heavy-duty throughfeed feedworks
  • LED cabin lights
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