Introducing SawGear Touch by TigerStop

Introducing SawGear Touch by TigerStop, a software feature-packed automated stop with touch screen control that easily adapts to existing saws to cut metal, wood, and plastics. SawGear Touch includes Downloading Software, Optimization Software, Crown+MiterPro Software, full compatibility with PyperServer Lyte, and more. Free yourself from tape measures and manual fences while producing more parts with increased accuracy today.

The SawGear Touch offers a new touch screen control interface for easy operation. Users can easily upgrade their existing SawGear power head to access the amazing features and functionality of the new SawGear Touch. It comes with improved Crown+Miter Pro Software for cutting crown molding, trim, and baseboard, as well as framing software for window and door/picture framing.

The SawGear Touch is fully compatible with PyperServer Lyte and includes rabbet compensation software and single miter compensation software for precise cuts. It also provides cut list downloading software, allowing users to send jobs directly to the machine for fast and accurate processing with zero operator entry errors. The machine offers dynamic optimization software, which calculates the best cutting order to minimize scrap waste and maximize material yield.

Other features include label printing options, an increment button for easy adjustments, the ability to toggle between metric and imperial measurements, and the ability to convert between fractions and decimals. The SawGear Touch is adaptable to various types of saws, including upcut saws, cold saws, and chop saws. It supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German. With a repeatable accuracy of +/- .008″, the parts you cut today will be as accurate as the parts you cut next week, next month, and next year.

The SawGear Touch eliminates the need for manual measurement tools, tape measures, manual stop blocks, and clamps, reducing setup time and reliance on these tools. Upgrading to the SawGear Touch power head provides access to its advanced features and functionality. It ensures 100% accuracy, minimizing the need for rework. By streamlining the measuring and marking process, the SawGear Touch increases productivity by keeping operators focused on the cutting process.

Operating the SawGear Touch is easy, and operators can be trained to position material in under 10 minutes. Even novices can learn to hang crown molding, trim, or baseboard in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the SawGear Touch improves material yields, maximizing profits by optimizing material usage, especially in a time when raw material costs are rising.

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