Introducing Dinamico Cabinet Accessories from Berenson

Experience an evolution with our latest cabinet accessory, Dinamico. Designed and built in collaboration with our partners in Italy, a country celebrated for its forward-thinking design, Dinamico is a tribute to versatility and adaptability. Dinamico presents a dynamic range of options and sizes, ensuring the optimal use of storage space in nearly any cabinet. Combining Grass Nova Pro undermount slides with a solid metal chassis, the pullouts are a perfect fusion of form and function, offering dynamic soft-close movement and a modern European aesthetic.


Features & Benefits

Range of Sizes. No matter the size of your cabinet opening, a dynamic range of options ensures a perfect fit. All units have an option for a full height and drawer above cabinet.

Efficient Organization. With 2 or 4 bins per pullout, easily separate waste, recycling, and compost. Total volumes of up to 86 litres per pullout allow homeowners to store more waste and take out the trash less.

Full Extension Soft-Close. Running on 40kg Grass Nova Pro full-extension, soft-close, synchronized slides, the bins offer smooth and silent movement under heavy loads. Full-extension functionality allows easy access to all waste contents.


Solid Metal Chassis. The solid metal chassis provides extra stability in motion, while giving the pullouts a sleek and modern look.

Complementary Finishes. Available in Orion and Grey, easily coordinate your pullouts with any colour palette.


Inspire Eco-Friendly. Promote separating waste from recycling and compost, contributing to a greener planet.



Cabinet Sizes (MM): 300/350/400/450/500/600

Cabinet Applications: Full height and drawer above

Bin Configurations: 2 or 4 bins per pullout

Total Volume: 32L up to 86L per pullout

Finishes: Orion and Grey

Slide Motion: Full Extension, soft-close, synchronized, 40kg capacity

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