INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW (IDS)-23 Through the Eyes of the Industry

By Lucy Traetto & Tony Henry, Blum Canada Contributing Authors

The Interior Design Show (IDS) was buzzing with many different players in the home and design industry. Our first impressions of the show were positive. We quickly felt the attendees’ energy and passion for the industry.

We visited several booths during the show’s trade days and spoke with several experts, which allowed us to spot some new trends that could shape our industry in the near future. With what we call “the new normal”, working from home was a highlight at the show. Companies are adapting their products and services to make home a multi-faceted space. Intelligent ways to utilize compact space were evident in many different solutions.

The home, nowadays, is a place where many activities happen at once, from cooking to entertainment to office work and everything in between. This asks for some peace of mind, introduced through the minimalistic streak of designs displayed throughout the show. Elegant and curvy handless furniture with muted earthy looks could be spotted all around while being complimented by adding darker colours which melded beautifully into the furniture. Utilizing dark-coloured hardware to pour elegance into other elements or get a bit of a break and contrast in lighter-coloured furniture was a terrific way to achieve that look.

Looking around, our main takeaway was that the industry is alive and well. Displays from the industry showed Canadian creativity, passion, and craftsmanship. The booths were focused on delivering inspiration and creating engaging conversation rather than just showcasing product line-ups. The usage of technology was seen in both the products, as well as the booths. QR codes, for example, still hold their place in their legendary comeback to communicate information.


Finally, what inspired hope for the future for us was spotting a lot of students interested in learning more about various aspects of the industry. Among many students, an entire class from Lakeland College in Alberta visited the show. Students were interested in conversing with industry veterans, learning more from them, and asking for their mentorship. Amidst a shortage in labour that has been ongoing in the industry for years, the experts and schools need to start collaborating and building programs that transfer knowledge and expertise to the next generation. The passion is there, and students are interested; we received many questions from the students about our products and research tools – in many cases, they knew the experts by name. It’s time we do more to pass on the knowledge.

IDS-23 proved once again that it is a place to inspire and connect. The design community is always ready to give us new ideas to work with. Adapting to new realities while using our ingenuity to create better solutions will keep us moving forward. The Blum team was happy to be a part of the show and is excited to share more of the pictures and findings through this LINK.


Certified in CAPS and CLIPP, and with 23 years at Blum Canada, Lucy is a senior Sales and Marketing Representative at Blum Canada.




Tony is a tenured veteran of the industry being a Team Leader for the central region at Blum Canada with more than 25 years of industry experience.

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