Innovation is the key to success

Grace Tatigian

The pandemic has been a big challenge for businesses; it has forced us to reexamine how we do everything. If you keep up with our e-digest, you’ll know that wood product sales are down, we’re in a period of little growth for the goods-producing sector, and that labour underutilization remains elevated. So how is it that every week I’m talking to people whose businesses are booming? It seems like everyone is winning awards or investing huge sums into their organizations.

What sets these companies apart is their willingness to embrace innovation. Everyone I speak to says some version of the old adage that complacency is the enemy of progress. Innovation comes in many different forms. The most successful companies around have used this paradigm shift to their advantage to automate, streamline, and revolutionize their processes.

It’s not just about changing, but also reducing – waste, time, and materials – to get the best results. That kind of optimization can happen in any number of places. In this issue, we highlight companies using off-cuts, eliminating unnecessary steps, and cutting out low-quality tools. While making these kinds of changes can seem daunting (and sometimes expensive), planning is what can make all the difference.

We need to think about the future, not only for our industry but for many more reasons. Patrick Christie, TWIG Organizer and Wood Design Consultant, tells us that “we have to let go of the dominant narrative leftover from the Industrial Revolution and look more widely at what factors impact people, the environment, culture, and the economy.” These kinds of changes are good for the environment and the work environment. It’s so important for companies to offer good jobs that appeal to the best candidates because it’s dedicated, hard-working people that are the ones driving innovation.

Speaking of new, we have some great pieces from new contributors in this issue: everything from articles on company profiles to producing tools. If you have a pitch, an idea, or content you want us to share, please let us know. We would love to learn more about what you’re doing and how we can work together. We can discuss whether your content is better suited for our print or online platform. Regardless of whether you want to contribute regularly or just one time, we can make something work.

We hope you enjoy what you’ve read so far and are inspired to jump into the conversation. Not a writer? No problem; that’s what editors are for. We’re more than happy to work with you to find the best way to tell your story. Our e-digest is where we share the latest news, updates, and time-sensitive information. That might be awards finalist profiles, association updates, and news on available government funding. 

Reach out to me at, and we can get to know each other and learn how we can work with one another to create a story that represents you and your business.

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