Innovation at Inovem: 3D Configurator

Nicolas Pearson

Looking to further their development within client experience, Inovem, a college technology transfer centre serving the furniture and woodworking industries in Quebec, is looking for manufacturing partners working in the manufacturing or distribution of wood products or 3D solutions service companies to collaborate on the development of its innovative 3D product configurator project.

Inovem is part of the Cégep de Victoriaville and offers services to help companies increase their productivity, develop their workforce, implement new technologies, and support them in their research projects. Their actions cover all management, design, and manufacturing processes, from wood drying to product finishing, hence this configurator technology.

In addition to integrating several products in 3D on a website, the configurator allows customization by adjusting several options. It becomes possible to enlarge the products, discover them from different angles, change the colour and texture, present the profile options, and change the presentation space all in a functional utility that doesn’t slow down the website.

To see an example of the technology, check out their JMC chair demo. A collaborative creation, this chair represents the complicity of a couple. Its curves and shapes personify the search for balance. The glittering and extended dress for her, the calm and comfort for him. At the top right of the page are three bars that open the menu for experimentation.

There are four options for the wood species, four options for the metal structure and base, and four options for the fabric. But these are only the options for the design of the chair itself; the configurator also gives opportunities to see the chair in different environments with four possible scenes. Moreover, you can change the brightness of the environment to see the chair in other lights. For size reference, it displays a human figure and puts a grid on the floor.

Also, for cell phone or tablet users, a button is now available to view the configured products in augmented reality, either directly in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Contact Nicolas Pearson, Technology and Business Development Advisor at Inovem, if you would you like to contribute to the development of Quebec’s expertise in customer experience and get your products in 3D view:

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