HPL compact panel thickness & high load capacities

Stefanie Jeschonnek

No problem for RAMPA insert type E!

The numerous advantages of HPL (high-pressure laminate) compact panels are well known in various fields of application. Experience has shown that optimal processing solutions for HPL compact panels with a maximum thickness of 10 mm do not exist. To offer the greatest flexibility for customers, RAMPA accepted the motto “Good idea! Let’s make it” with the challenge of finding an excellent solution for this market gap. From this idea, the RAMPA inserts type E was developed and manufactured.

Strong connectivity solution for HPL compact panels with a minimum thickness of 6 mm.

The product innovation RAMPA Type E fills a large market gap as it can be used in HPL compact panels with a minimum thickness of only 6 mm. By consequence, the new insert eliminates the need for adhesives while reducing the processing efforts and costs. Instead, a stable and permanent detachable connection can be easily established by screwing in the insert into a standardized pre-drill diameter.

The insert type E has an outside diameter of 9 mm with a length of 4.8 mm. Despite this tiny size, the new product boasts high load capacities of approximately 200 kg and can also be used in small installation places and small edge distances. Moreover, this HPL compact panel insert opens numerous possibilities for usage as it is always detachable.

RAMPA insert type E: numerous possibilities of usage.

HPL compact panels can be used in both indoor and outside areas. In the interior, many everyday wood-related furnishings are made of HPL compact panels. This material has also been used in many other applications, including coverings, claddings, fronts, etc. Notable examples of exterior applications are campsite furnishings, facade claddings, and signs. 

Wherever HPL compact panels with a minimum thickness of 6 mm are used, RAMPA’s product innovation was developed as a reliable connectivity solution for any environment.

The new insert type E fits perfectly into the existing range of RAMPA. For higher HPL compact panel thicknesses and other materials, RAMPA provides a wide range of solutions. Various RAMPA connecting options can be easily sourced and purchased through the RAMPA Online-Shop.

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