Hovr Bracket System

The current standard for floating shelves and other floating solutions is designed with a two-prong system. This design causes significant weaknesses within the floating solution. The average load capacity is 50lbs.

The Hovr Bracket System uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. It uses both aluminium extrusion and steel bend depending on what is required. The average load capacity is 300lbs for an eight-inch shelf depth.

With the Hovr Bracket System, any floating shelf length is possible (remember the 1:2 bracket to shelf ratio); you can join brackets together. The system can withstand daily use and won’t sag over time. It’s engineer-analyzed by third-party engineers with calculations completed by AllNorth Engineering.

The Hovr Bracket System is perfect for both residential and commercial projects.


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