House of Rohl’s Strategic Expansion: Embracing Emtek® and Schaub in Luxury Home Decor

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2024 – At this year’s IDS Toronto, House of Rohl made a significant statement by incorporating Emtek and Schaub, two renowned brands in personalized hardware for cabinets and doors, into its luxury portfolio. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and customization options, Emtek’s premium door and cabinet hardware and Schaub’s intricately designed cabinet pieces represent House of Rohl’s venture beyond luxury plumbing into a broader realm of luxury home décor.

With this strategic addition, House of Rohl aims to redefine luxury in living spaces, offering homeowners and designers a more comprehensive suite of high-end products. These brands complement House of Rohl’s existing range of kitchen and bath collections from Riobel®, Perrin & Rowe®, Shaws™, Victoria + Albert®, and ROHL®, showcasing artistry, provenance, and passion in every creation.


The House of Rohl Bathroom Experience

ROHL’s new Modelle™ Collection, inspired by haute couture fashion, highlights the event with its innovative designs and attention to detail. In contrast, Victoria + Albert introduces three new color palettes under the theme “Victoria + Albert Cravings from Food & Wine by House of Rohl,” reflecting a culinary inspiration in bath design. Additionally, the Seros™ Collection focuses on a spa-like ambiance, while the Luminaries™ Collection brings a touch of shimmering luxury. Not to be overlooked, the Riobel Arca™ Collection pays tribute to classical architecture with its arch-inspired designs.


Fused Glass Cabinet Hardware from Schaub
SELECT Bar Cabinet Pulls & Knobs from Emtek










House of Rohl’s showcase at IDS Toronto 2024 not only demonstrates its commitment to expanding its luxury portfolio but also reflects its vision of becoming a comprehensive leader in luxury home décor. The integration of these new brands and collections highlights the company’s dedication to quality, performance, craftsmanship, and innovative design, making it a pivotal event for both House of Rohl and the luxury home design industry.

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