May 10th, 2024 – HOMAG Canada, the leading provider of innovative woodworking technology solutions to Canadian manufacturers, is pleased to announce the recent opening of their Vancouver, British Columbia location. The decision to open the new facility highlights the region’s continued growth and the importance of meeting the evolving needs of the Western Canadian market.

Marco Fernandes, Managing Director of HOMAG Canada, stated, “The Vancouver location will serve as HOMAG Canada’s Western Canada headquarters and will be led by Olaf Frischmuth, Regional Manager West, and will act as a management hub for sales and service operations supporting Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.”

Frischmuth emphasized the significance of this new office, “As our staff has grown significantly over the past years, it was time to place an office in British Columbia. We selected a location where Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley meet, giving us convenient access from anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Our service and sales management team operates from Vancouver, which allows us to efficiently serve our customers in Western Canada according to the Pacific Time Zone. Our central office, in Toronto, operates on Eastern Time, ensuring our customers have access to support for 13 continuous hours.”

The commitment to excellence extends to optimizing sales operations for enhanced customer satisfaction. Frischmuth added, “From a sales perspective, we will be warehousing stock machinery for quicker delivery while enjoying the benefits of consolidating freight for stock orders.” HOMAG Canada reaffirms their dedication to serving Western Canadian manufacturers with unparalleled support and tailored solutions, ensuring continued success and growth in the woodworking industry.

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