Holz-Her Unveils POWER-PIN 7605: A Compact Marvel for Automated Drilling and Dowel Insertion

Revolutionary machine offers seamless automation for wooden dowel insertion

Holz-Her, a renowned name in woodworking machinery, introduces its latest innovation, the POWER-PIN 7605. This compact drilling and dowel inserting machine emerges as a game-changer, effortlessly driving wooden dowels fully automatically and seamlessly complementing nesting processes.

Advancing Automation with POWER-PIN 7605

The POWER-PIN 7605 by Holz-Her represents a significant leap in woodworking machinery. This ingenious solution automates the intricate process of driving wooden dowels, thereby creating an ideal synergy with nesting operations. Traditional manual dowel insertion post-CNC machining is rendered obsolete, resulting in not only time savings but also heightened process reliability.

Users of the POWER-PIN 7605 have the freedom to choose between two distinct versions: the “classic” or the “dynamic.” Both iterations boast cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and a compact form factor. In the classic variant, manual adjustments of pressure bars based on material thickness are required. However, the dynamic version elevates this experience by enabling automatic, program-controlled adjustments. Moreover, in the dynamic version, servo motors facilitate the approach to drilling depth and Z-height of holes. Additional features, such as the VISE LED position display and supplementary horizontal drills, are also available in the dynamic edition.


Versatility and Performance

The POWER-PIN 7605 demonstrates its versatility by accommodating both pre-coated dowels and standard wood dowels with D1 glue (viscosity 150 – 350 mPa.s.). The optional second step feeder facilitates swift transitions between 6-mm and 8-mm dowels within minutes. With the ability to process dowel lengths of 30 mm, 35 mm, and 40 mm, the machine proves itself adaptable to a range of projects. Its expansive support table supports multi-area loading, enabling efficient processing of multiple workpieces simultaneously. The intuitive clamping concept further enhances ease and safety during loading and unloading, offering a seamless workflow.


Compact and Efficient Design

The POWER-PIN 7605’s ingenuity extends to its compact design. Integrated aggregates and storage containers streamline its form, boasting a modest footprint of only 4 m³. With an overall height of just 1755 mm*, it seamlessly fits into any workshop setting. The machine lid even doubles as a practical storage area for workpieces at a comfortable height of 1215 mm. Depending on workflow dynamics, the machine can stand freely within the workspace or be wall-mounted for efficient space utilization.


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