Holz-Her Dynestic CNC Router

HOLZ-HER’s nesting technology ensures efficient formatting and drilling on one machine. The panel is held by large-surface vacuum on a wear plate.

The advantage of this production method is production of exactly formatted workpieces provided with groove or rebate in the rear wall and all required vertical holes for shelves, connectors, etc. Above all, the entire process is accomplished without additional handling work and is efficient in terms of time and resources.

The essential prerequisite for nesting is that the proper software be fully integrated into the machining process. HOLZ-HER offers a free-form solution for stairs and frame constructions, as well as a purely rectangular nesting feature. With its versatile import possibilities for highly differing nesting modules, as well as complete graphic control surface and barcode interface, the machine is optimized for comprehensive applications.

HOLZ-HER’s nesting CNC machining centers allow cut-optimized machining and cutting on panel materials. The automation components for material handling without operators make the DYNESTIC series even more efficient.

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