Hettich’s SlideLine M: Transforming Furniture with Innovative Sliding Door Systems

Hettich, a pioneer in innovative furniture hardware, brings the future of furniture design to life with the introduction of SlideLine M. This cutting-edge sliding door system revolutionizes the way we think about furniture ergonomics, design, and functionality.


SlideLine M offers unparalleled ergonomics and convenience. Sliding doors are the epitome of ease of use and space optimization. They seamlessly blend into any environment, ensuring they never get in the way in tight spaces. With open sliding doors, the risk of injuries is drastically reduced. These doors open effortlessly, eliminating the need for stretching or dodging.


For lovers of unadulterated form and distinctive surfaces, SlideLine M is the answer. These sliding doors are the key to achieving modern, spacious interior design while maintaining furniture’s sleek appearance. Hettich’s sliding door systems are renowned for their narrow reveals, preserving the seamless look of furniture front panels. Large format front panels are adorned with only a few reveals, and elegant fascias further minimize their presence. Achieving perfect reveal alignment has never been easier with easy precision adjustment.


SlideLine M excels in meeting the demands of today’s users. These doors are not only easy to open and close but also offer low opening forces for ergonomic benefits. The integrated Silent System ensures that the sliding doors close quietly and gently, enhancing the overall user experience. Hettich’s sliding door systems are synonymous with reliable quality, impeccable smooth running action, and exceptional durability.

Design Upgrade for Furniture:

SlideLine M elevates both the practicality and design of furniture across various settings, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. It accommodates all common furniture constructions, allowing for the quick and straightforward installation of wooden, glass, or aluminum framed doors weighing up to 30 kg. The system’s versatility extends to different shelf thicknesses and the option for sliding doors to run in front of each other within a single profile. The Silent System integration ensures quiet and gentle door movement, even when multiple sliding doors run side by side. Additionally, SlideLine M offers tool-less fast installation and integrated height adjusters for precise alignment, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a luxurious feel to furniture.

SlideLine M by Hettich is set to redefine furniture functionality, design, and convenience, offering a world of possibilities for furniture enthusiasts and designers alike.

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