Hettich and Cuisine Idéale Renew Their Partnership for the Long Term

Hettich Canada

Hettich Canada and Cuisine Idéale announce the long-term renewal of their partnership agreement on October 28, 2022.

Cuisine Idéale, an important growing player in the North American  kitchen cabinet industry, will continue to rely on Hettich, a German brand of superior quality hardware.

The manufacturer has distinguished itself through its use of AvanTech YOU drawers, a new line whose extensive options provide considerable design flexibility,” explained Yannick Moreau, Director of Major Accounts, Eastern Canada at Hettich Canada. He went on to add: “The manufacturer also uses integrated shock-absorbing Sensys hinges, which have been a source of corporate pride for us for many years.

Hettich, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hardware, is an excellent partner for us,” explained Pierre-Yves Gagnon, General Manager of Cuisine Idéale.

Hettich is in a position to provide us with innovative, high-quality products built with German engineering. Furthermore, their excellent level of service and unwavering collaboration make Hettich an ideal supplier who will contribute to our growth over the coming years.

Hettich Canada is delighted to be part of the growing North American success of Cuisine Idéale and its subsidiaries throughout Québec. “Cuisine Idéale is one of our strategic clients that has experienced strong growth over the past 3 years, despite all the challenges they have had to overcome. The two companies have had an excellent business relationship for many years and their collaboration has continued to grow over time,” explained Yannick Moreau.

About Hettich

Founded in 1888, Hettich is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture fittings. A family-owned business, Hettich is located in Kirchlengern, Germany.

In Canada, Hettich is headquartered in Montreal and has several warehouses and offices around the country.

For more information, visit www.hettich.com.


About Cuisine Idéale

Cuisine Idéale has been designing and manufacturing kitchen and bathroom cabinets for over 50 years. The company offers high-quality doors, cabinets and finishes.

Cuisine Idéale is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec and its products are distributed through a network of independent distributors in Canada and the United States.

For more information, visit www.cuisineideale.com.

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