Green on the Go: How Westwood Cabinetry is Transforming Deliveries in Okanagan

Westwood Cabinetry, a prominent player in the Okanagan cabinetry industry, has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by introducing a zero-emission electric truck for its deliveries. This initiative positions Westwood as the first company in the Okanagan Valley to offer such a service, marking a notable advancement in eco-friendly business practices within the region.

In partnership with Origin Sustainability, Westwood Cabinetry is set to reduce its carbon footprint dramatically. According to a news release from Origin, this collaboration is expected to decrease emissions by up to 34 tonnes of CO2 annually, equating to removing seven cars from the road each year. This reduction is a substantial contribution to environmental conservation efforts, considering the growing concerns about carbon emissions and their impact on climate change.

Moreover, Westwood Cabinetry has also installed a commercial vehicle fast-charger at its Kelowna factory, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices. This facility not only supports their own electric delivery truck but also contributes to the broader infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles in the region.

Jason Lowe, Westwood’s Okanagan sales manager, expressed excitement about this groundbreaking service, underscoring the company’s dedication to innovative and responsible business practices. Similarly, Alex Norman, co-founder of Origin, highlighted the role of low-carbon technology in revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry. He emphasized the reliability and cost-effectiveness of green transportation solutions, including electric, hydrogen, and natural gas vehicles.

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