Going Big in Small Spaces

Mike Cordeiro

The kitchen is where life happens; it’s the home’s central hub where everyone congregates to have a meal and socialize. Kitchens might also double as a home office or classroom, meaning even a large space can sometimes feel cramped. But a small kitchen can be a challenge. Just because a kitchen space may have a smaller footprint does not mean there is any less kitchen to love. Any designer should welcome the challenge of designing a cozy kitchen and doing it with style. Small spaces motivate us to innovate and create effective multi-purpose solutions for our living spaces and lifestyles. Any room can spark joy, big, small, wide, or narrow; it just takes planning and intelligent design.

As any Urbanite will tell you, living in a big city usually means adapting to small living spaces. One of the challenges with modern condo/apartment living is finding room for a kitchen table. One solution we provide at AyA is a pull-out table. This sturdy dining table seats four and folds neatly behind a drawer when unused. It can also double as a preparation area or buffet station during a gathering. The flexibility adds additional value as the pull-out table clears up valuable floor space tucked away behind a drawer.

Another way to make a statement in a small kitchen is with bold colour choices. In a small space, there might not be room for a kitchen island or a decorative range hood. Offer a wide variety of door styles, materials, finishes, and accessories to give a small space a big personality. It’s your goal as a designer to help your customers fall in love with their kitchens again.

The cabinetry is a big-ticket item and a big commitment, but there are many other ways to add colour to any kitchen space. The beauty of adding a pop of colour is that it can also be introduced through any design element. Consider going bold in the floor tile, walls, appliances, hardware, chairs, and accessories. A burst of colour or pattern in the backsplash will add more flavour to the space. It will create a focal point with visual interest that contributes to the overall feel. It can also be swapped out in the future, which is great for customers who like to stay on top of the latest trends. Adding a pop of colour to any space can be accomplished in various ways. Establish the customer’s comfort level and dare to be different; keep an open mind and make the area unique and special.

Some homeowners hesitate to make bold design choices, but it doesn’t have to be so scary. A fully painted kitchen in beautiful jewel tones is always refreshing to see and makes a statement no matter the size. It is daring and can create a memorable and exceptional space. The duo-tone kitchen is a favorable and on-trend look, mixing that pop of colour with white, natural wood, or neutral grey tones. This approach is a sweet middle ground; it’s less intimidating and produces a nice dimension to the kitchen. It also provides many options on where to apply the colour, including upper cabinets, lower cabinets, island, etc., providing the power of choice. Remind your customer that they can also mix door styles within the pop of colour selection or combination; the possibilities to personalize the space are endless.

Mike Cordeiro is a Graphic and Web Designer at AyA Kitchens. He graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. He excels at conceptualizing creative ideas and executing them in a planned manner with an eye for detail. 

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