GIS Founder Passes Away

Laurie Suikki

With sadness, AWMAC shares that Werner O. Schmidt has passed away. Werner was a long-standing, respected member of the organization, a leader, and one of the founders of the GIS Program in Ontario. Even when Schmidt stopped working and enjoyed his retirement, he still had an enthusiasm for woodworking and continued his support of the organization. In 2020 at the AWMAC Ontario Awards Dinner, Schmidt was awarded the Ontario Director’s Award in honour of his leadership, service, and support of AWMAC. He will be missed.

His daughter Kirsten Schmidt has shared the following message:
Werner Otto Schmidt (27/08/36 – 22/01/22)
Werner, cabinet maker, father, and grandfather, died peacefully at home, surrounded by the love of his family. He was only briefly ill but went out of this life with the same enthusiasm and sense of adventure that he lived every day.
Werner was one of the founding members of the Architectural Millworkers in Ontario and Canada – and always spoke highly of the excellent work done by the members. Most memorable were the many annual meetings and parties he helped to organize.
As a result of COVID, we will not be having any celebrations for him at this time. If you wish to be notified when we have an event (hopefully this summer), please contact

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