Fusion edge laser machines


Epilog’s Fusion Edge laser series takes its highest-quality engraving technology and incorporates it into smaller-format systems, which allow customers to get the latest technology in a transportable format. The Fusion Edge machines feature a touch-screen display panel, on-screen artwork positioning with the IRIS™ camera system, and job trace functionality for quick and easy artwork setup.

The Fusion Edge laser engraving and cutting machines from Epilog Laser combines the top-of-the-line technology and the latest features in three formats: a compact desktop machine with the Fusion Edge 12, the mid-size Fusion Edge 24, and a larger standalone system with the Fusion Edge 36 – all leveraging over three decades of laser machine design and manufacturing experience to create powerful and truly modern systems.

Features: Benefits of Epilog’s Fusion Edge Laser System

  • The Fusion Edge’s 120 IPS (3.05 m/s) engraving speed and 5G acceleration provide the fastest engraving in the industry in a compact format.
  • An overhead camera system provides a real-time picture of the working area for accurate artwork placement. Drag and drop your artwork on screen for the fastest work processing.
  • Select between jobs, autofocus the laser, and rerun jobs at the touch of a button from the easy-to-use touch screen interface right at the laser.
  • The Fusion Edge features built-in Ethernet, USB, and Wireless options for networking your laser.
  • Keep the mechanics of your laser machine cleaner than ever before with side enclosures, a fully covered x-axis assembly, and a covered lens assembly.
  • The air assist directs air right at the cutting surface to remove heat and combustible gases from the point of laser contact, providing a cleaner cut.
  • No additional, expensive lens package needed for the highest resolution engraving across the entire table.
  • Metal/ceramic tube design provides higher beam quality and longer life with low recharge costs.
  • Improve job management and data integrity with 1GB of RAM. Save your most run jobs right at the laser.
  • A dual block design provides the most rigidity and reduced vibration without the inevitable wobble and replacement of plastic bearings.
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