Funding For Lignum Veneer’s Transition to Industry 4.0 

Ariane Joazard-Bélizaire

Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec Regions’ mission is to promote the long-term economic development of the regions of Quebec by giving special attention to those where slow economic growth is prevalent, or opportunities for productive employment are inadequate.

CED is the critical economic development player for Quebec’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) regions. To accomplish its core responsibility, economic development in Quebec, CED fosters business start-ups and growth. It helps them become more innovative, productive, and competitive. It supports efforts to engage the regions of Quebec and attract investments that will help boost the economic well-being of Quebec and Canada.

The most recent recipient of this funding is Lignum Veneer, who received a repayable contribution of $200,000. This CED support will enable the business to make the Industry 4.0 shift by improving its innovative processes and productivity. Lignum Veneer has made a name for itself in the seaming of veneer sheets made with various types of wood.

“In the 20 years it has been in existence, Lignum Veneer has become a leader in the North American veneer industry through a visionary attitude and a desire to surpass ourselves, greatly motivated by the support and confidence of our dear employees and partners such as CED,” said Louis-Hans Baril, President of Lignum Veneer.

Through CED’s financial support, the business will be able to acquire and install specialized production equipment in its plant, which is currently operating at full capacity. Digital technology will make it possible to improve the constancy and quality of this innovative SME’s products while also maximizing value-added tasks.

“SMEs are at the core of innovation and economic development in our communities. It is a priority in our government’s economic recovery plan to support their growth and innovation projects,” said Pascale St-Onge, Minister responsible for CED. “With our government’s financial assistance, Lignum Veneer will be able to improve its production line and meet the growing demand for its products. Its contribution to the economic vitality of Victoriaville and the Centre-du-Québec region is significant, and our entire economy will benefit from the success and spinoffs of its project.”

The Government of Canada recognizes and supports businesses and organizations that are a source of pride in their communities. Quebec’s economic recovery relies on organizations with solid roots in the regional economy. They are significant contributors to growth and critical assets in rebuilding a more robust, resilient, greener, and just economy for all.

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