Full-line CNC Router and Storage System Doubles Production

Alex Colic

Cuisi-n-art, of Gatineau, Quebec, with an eye to the future, undertook a large construction project to double the size of their manufacturing facility and increase their production capacity. The centrepiece of their manufacturing plant expansion was implementing two Anderson Stratos Pro Full-Line CNC Routers and Schelling material storage system.

Offering personalized design services along with quality materials and expert advice, Cuisi-n-art has grown its business over the past 15 years through its loyal customer base and word of mouth. In the winter of 2020, Cuisi-n-art moved into their new manufacturing facility, which increased their production floor space from 20,000 to 38,000 square feet and showroom from 5,500 to 9,000 square feet. They added a 2,000 square foot “ready-to-go” store with ready-to-install boxes and a hardware section.

Before building the new facility, Cuisi-n-art operated two CNC routers with a scissor lift full line system. Each time they needed to add a new job, it was a real challenge, requiring them to stop the entire process. Mr. Real Fortier, founder and general manager of Cuisi-n-art, mentioned that they used to have a lot of quality issues, like label printing and trouble getting it repaired properly.

“Speed and quality of cutting were also an issue, where the number of sheets possible with a single cutter before it needed to be replaced was much less and unpredictable,” said Fortier.“The cutting speed of cutting 45 meters/minute, the machine’s overall speed, and possible daily sheet count were important factors in choosing the Anderson Stratos Pro Full Line CNC Router. Also, non-stop and uninterrupted production with ideal speed was crucial, something that other manufacturers didn’t offer the same way.”

Typically, when trying to make things last, you take it easy on them. As you can read in The Trifecta of a CNC Router Production article from the winter magazine, the common belief is the harder you push it, the faster it will decline. However, the opposite is true for CNC routers and tooling. With the right machine and increased feed speeds, you significantly reduce the friction, leading to the cutting edge’s premature decline. When it came to researching a new CNC router solution, the increased feed speed capability of the Anderson Stratos Pro was seen as a major advantage for their business.

Maximum throughput with high volume nesting CNC router solution is a big draw to this product for Cuisi-n-art. The Anderson Stratos Pro Full Line CNC Router System is a fully integrated automatic nesting CNC router line that dramatically reduces cycle times by the high processing speed and shortening the loading and unloading time. While the router processes one sheet, the next is labelled and put into a cue. After the machining cycle is completed, it will offload the cut pieces while automatically loading the next sheet and cleaning the spoil board thoroughly. It is equipped with a unique one-step loading system that lifts the panel and loads it onto the machine bed in a single operation. All of this is done without any handing by the operator.

As part of the project and installation process, the Akhurst team worked with the Anderson factory on Logic programming modifications to improve the CNC machine’s material flow. The solution allowed up to five sheets of material in the process flow, which shortened the machine wait times.

“Considering the already proven speed of the machine, we could increase about four extra panels a day, over a year, that’s over 1,000 additional panels for only one router line,” said Fortier. “This was made possible because the machines were not causing idle or waiting times, and the next panels were being loaded as soon as the last one was completed.”

With its state-of-the-art 49,000 square foot facility, Cuisi-n-art has established itself as one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the province of Quebec. With their new production capacity, Cuisi-n-art is well-positioned to satisfy the growing demand for their custom cabinetry as they have reduced lead times. 

“We are planning on getting more Anderson Stratos Pro Full Lines to increase our production capabilities and reduce our lead times even further,” said Fortier. “We know that producing quickly and efficiently has increased our market share due to this new system.”

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