FSC’s path forward

Francois Dufresne

Since 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council has represented the mark of well-managed forestry in Canada and worldwide. By adopting its responsible forest and supply chain management standards, we can continue offering businesses credible verification of sustainably produced timber and wood products and helping consumers identify products from well-managed forests.

At the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland – known as COP26 – the world saw 100 countries sign the “Declaration on Forests and Land Use” to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030 while delivering sustainable development and promoting inclusive rural transformation. Although this agreement was not the first of its kind, it reinforced the importance of our world’s forests, and we must now work together to make this commitment a reality, and collectively we have a crucial role to play.

We officially launched our new National Forest Management Standard and the National Controlled Wood Risk Assessment three years ago. This was a historic moment for us and, in 2022, we will continue to focus our efforts on their successful implementations. Both address the most pressing issues facing Canadian forests, including Woodland Caribou, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Workers’ Rights including Gender Equity, Landscape Management, and Conservation.

We have also embarked on a transition to demonstrate the impact of responsible forest management. We aim to provide a clear value proposition to our market partners regarding Indigenous rights, biodiversity protection, and forest landscape conservation. We commissioned a carbon research project to demonstrate the impact of FSC certified forests in North America. Our goal is to double our market presence in Canada over the next decade.

The solid wood sector, particularly in Western Canada, will be a focus going forward. FSC brings a unique value proposition in responsible sourcing in key market segments such as Mass Timber. The goal is to continue building partnerships across this value chain and expand our impact.

Francois Dufresne is the President and CEO of the Forest Stewardship Council, responsible for the strategic planning, management of staff and finances, fundraising, and stakeholder relations.

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