Brenlo Limited, a leading custom wood mouldings, and doors manufacturer, is set to bring on a new product to overcome the growing demand for sustainable wood alternatives. The new product called ‘Frogboard‘ comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is perfect for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. 

With an alarming and noticeable climate change and an emergent demand for a sustainable alternative, Frogboard comes at the right time. It mainly constitutes upcycled dried rice hulls that make it 100% recyclable and wholly water-resistant, providing a beautiful grained texture. With a wide range of applications such as decking, cladding, outdoor furniture, siding, fencing, and much more, Brenlo seeks to offer this green alternative to builders, architects, and homeowners as sustainability become increasingly prioritized in building and design choices. 

Unlike other wood alternatives, Frogboard can be painted, stained, or primed. We recommend using water-based paint, stain, or sealer on Frogboard products. Frogboard is also thermoformable and can be bent and curved into different shapes using apt heat and pressure. It is easy on screwing, nailing, cutting, drilling, sanding, and milling. And is workable with standard woodworking tools and doesn’t require additional substitutes. 

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