FPInnovations develops biodegradable disposable masks

Montreal, Que.-based research centre FPInnovations has successfully completed phase 1 in the development of biodegradable disposable face masks and is ready to begin the second phase which is expected to lead to an entirely made-in-Canada biodegradable solution for face coverings.

During an 8-week applied research sprint and with financial support from Natural Resources Canada, researchers completed the first phase and successfully developed a biodegradable cellulosic filter media.

The cellulosic filter media is the middle layer of a three-layer mask, is made from sustainable wood fibres, and is suitable for single-use face masks for public use.

Current single- use personal masks are made from petroleum-based plastics. The average filtration efficiency of this new cellulosic filter media is currently at 60 percent, surpassing the average filtration efficiency of a typical cloth mask which is approximately 30 percent.

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