Four-Sided Conversation on CNC Tech

Patrick Christie 

One of the significant outcomes from the TWIG Perennial last march was the development of four core themes that TWIG has been organizing itself around. Woodcraft, ecology, bioproducts, and structures were the terms that described essential and emerging aspects that compose a complete view of the value-added wood products industry in BC. Clusters are a necessary function of innovation. In Canada, we see examples such as the Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario, which encompasses companies and institutions with similar interests, needs, and challenges.

The Knot Another Wood Panel has been purpose-built to inspire this on a BC level. These panel discussions bring people working in similar yet different ways to present their perspectives around a common topic. For the second edition, TWIG is clustering around the theme of Woodcraft with a focus on the other sides of CNC technologies.

CNC technology has gained significant traction in the wood products industry in North America in the past ten years. There seems to be a machine for every job, from garage woodshops to automated pre-fab home factories. CNC machining provides many advantages in wood production, but they aren’t a solution for every project or challenge. They are designed to do certain things well, and depending on their configuration, tooling, and software; they can bring a level of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability to productions.

Each of the guests on the panel will share about recent projects they are working on and share stories of their experience and working on the shop floor. As a guest, it’s an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and get answers from various perspectives. Each of the presenters has a history leading up to the work they are doing today, and they can relate to some of the questions and challenges you might be facing in a current project.

Panel Guests include:

The event takes place online on April 12, 7:00 – 9:00 PM PST.


Patrick Christie is an independent contractor, entrepreneur, and artist doing work primarily under Daly Co. Design with a foundation of Industrial Design from Emily Carr University. He has been with TWIG since the beginning and stepped into the organizer role in 2017.

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