Four-axis CNC machining centre for stile and rail components

The Bacci BMT 4-axis CNC machine centre from Taurus Craco is for producing mitred kitchen cabinet door components and is configured for flexible, high volume production requirements.

The machine produces high quality 45° mitred, mortised and tenoned components for use in cabinet door construction.

Features include:

  • two direct drive spindles, one for the mortise and one for the mitre/tenon;
  • two zone work table for pendulum processing capability;
  • opposing left and right reference fences for mitred corners;
  • side and top clamps;
  • four interpolated axes managed by the NC control;
  • 800 mm X-axis; and,
  • automatic lubrication system for the 4-Axis NC controlled motion systems.

Capabilities include quick and flexible programming software for processing various profiles shapes and sizes, as well as the ability to recall previous programs manually or via bar code.

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