Flash Forest raises $1.4M in seed funding

Flash Forest, Canada’s first and largest drone reforestation company, recently announced a seed investment of $1.4 million led by technology growth equity investor Circular Investments. Circular, along with additional funds from MFS, Lemvi Strategies, The Good Fund, and a host of private investors, will fund Flash Forests’ critical expansion efforts in Canada and abroad.

Flash Forest is Canada’s first-to-market and largest drone reforestation company that uses aerial mapping software, automation, and biological seed-pod technology to reforest areas at a rapid pace. Planting trees is currently the fastest and cheapest way to sequester carbon, and Flash Forest is working to tilt the scales on the climate crisis.

Founded in 2019, the rapidly growing Toronto-based startup merges biology with UAV technology, Artificial Intelligence, and GIS-mapping software to reforest areas at a rapid pace globally. Their goal is to have a significant and measurable impact on mitigating climate change in the next decade while combating deforestation and biodiversity loss on a global scale. Using this technology, they aim to plant at least 1 billion trees by the year 2028.

“2020 was really focused on solidifying partnerships in Alberta, BC, and Ontario while developing our technology to its latest major milestone,” said Cameron Jones, Chief Operating Officer. “2021 will be a first for many things: the first application of our multispectral mapping software; field use of AI algorithms; complete embedding of seed pods in natural environments and full automation of the pod production process. 2021 will be about refining the tech and laying the groundwork for international expansion.”

With the company deploying capital immediately to grow the team and purchase essential equipment for scaling operations, they have also expanded their list of close advisors. Dr. John Innes is the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry at UBC and Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Climate Change with the IPCC, who recently joined the advisory team to get them close to the industry standard. Robert Holm, who recently exited Fleet Complete and acts as CMO on multiple boards, has joined to oversee marketing and CRM efforts. Their board also includes a Canada Top 40 Under 40 recipient, Deloitte’s US Sustainability Operations leadership, and a carbon credit expert.

Flash Forest is structuring itself for rapid expansion both domestically and internationally, coming on the heels of a recent federal commitment to plant 2 billion trees by 2028.

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