Feeding line for wood planer by Doucet

A machine specifically designed to automate the planer’s feeding process, enabling batch processing bundles of lumber with sticks or without between layers. A proven solution for optimized planer feeding under supervision, but without sustained operator intervention.

The production line consists of a MANYX destacker, a chain transfer, an infeed conveyor and a double action Pneumatic Pinch Roller for Wood Planer which saves floor space, automates the process by increasing speed and considerably reducing human intervention.

The Main Features:

  • A chain transfer deck system advances bundles of wood, whether with sticks or without between layers.
  • The MANYX enables layer by layer destacking operations. If sticks are present, a stick removal mechanism comes into action prior to being picked up.
  • Manyx moves back to the bundle to feed a new layer.
  • The layers are divided into fewer boards according to the planer’s maximum width capacity.
  • The divided load is conveyed linearly via a roller conveyor. This is a set of dual-movement pneumatic rollers that grip and elevated the boards to ensure that crooked parts do not hit the front table of the planner table, while at the same time providing assisted infeed into the planer.

Find out more about the MANYX :

The MANYX stacker/destacker is an equipment that allows to feed lumber without operators in many types of woodworking equipment like moulders, planers, CNC routers or optimizing lines for example.

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