Fair Trade Chocolate Brand Camino Uses Wood Pulp Wrappers

Canadian fair trade and organic chocolate manufacturer, Camino, released their new line of biodegradable and compostable wood pulp inner wrappers for their chocolate bars. The chocolate company previously used thin aluminum packaging that was considered compostable but still left aluminum particles in the compost. Aluminum is the most common metal in the world and makes up 8% of the Earth’s mass and is a popular choice for wood wrappers. However, to be more sustainable and considerable for the environment, Camino created the new wood pulp packaging from responsibly managed forests and is Forest Certification Council (FSC) certified.

Camino’s use of recyclable wood wrappers as an alternative to plastic wrappers has diverted over seven million plastic wrappers to landfills. The non-toxic wood fibers can be composted or added right into one’s garden. The company became one of the first North American businesses to import and produce fair trade cocoa products, offering consumers ethical product choices. They also source materials from green-oriented companies and use recycled products whenever possible, including in their promotional materials, packaging, and office supplies.

Importance of FSC Certification

The business has been considered a pioneer in Canada’s fair trade cocoa industry since 1999. As an increasing number of Canadians are becoming more eco-conscious and looking to support brands that reflect those virtues, many companies in the country are working to match that. FSC forest management standards protect water quality, prohibit the harvest of rare forest growth, prevent loss of natural forest cover and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals.

FSC wood essentially meets the “gold standard” of ethical wood production. The wood species is harvested from responsibly managed forests and is economically viable. The FSC makes a continuous effort to combat illegal timber logging and deforestation. Choosing to use FSC wood shows a company’s honest effort to raise the standard of sustainability across Canada. According to the Global Consumer Research Insights 2021, the FSC is the world’s most reliable and recognized forest certification. The Insights website states how “56% of global consumers recall seeing the FSC label and no other forest-certification scheme tested came close.”

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