Fabrizio Anzalone Assumes Leadership as the Head of SCM North America

As of Monday, May 6th , Mr. Fabrizio Anzalone will assume management responsibilities for SCM’s subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Anzalone brings over 20 years of established leadership experience in the industrial sector, including a successful three-year tenure at SCM France. His career encompasses dynamic roles in Europe, the United States, and Brazil, with a track record of cultivating growth and transformation.

Anzalone holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Turin Polytechnic, which provides him with a strong technical and strategic foundation in industrial business management.

His mission is to continue the work of his predecessor, Giuseppe Riva, by collaborating with the SCM North American team to further the Group’s expansion and development in the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican markets.

“I accept with great pleasure the honour to lead the North American Region,” says Anzalone. “The company has the ambitious ability to grow and increase market share by developing new partnerships and new technologies while emphasizing focus on customer support and service management. This specific market is crucial to SCM Group’s overall development; my predecessor, Giuseppe Riva, did an excellent job in his time with the company and I look forward to continuing the path of success.”

During his tenure with SCM France, Anzalone successfully navigated the company through a period of uncertainty to one of stability and expansion. Under his direction, sales revenues doubled from 2021 to 2023 as a result of his effective market strategies, talent acquisition, and collaborative approach.

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