Expansion of RAMPA Tec’s SKD30 Series:  Two New Sizes in Imperial Stainless Steel

RAMPA Tec is excited to announce the expansion of its SKD30 Series with the introduction of two new sizes in imperial stainless steel, specifically designed for the unique demands of railcar project fastening. These latest additions, the SKD30 44050813 (10-24” 10mm x 8mm) and SKD30 44061013 (¼-20” 12mm x 10mm), cater to the diverse needs of our customers, offering more options for fastening interior panel walls with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Engineered for superior performance, the SKD30 Series stands out with its patented external thread that simplifies the installation process, providing a robust solution for securing a wide range of materials including wood, wood-related substances, and plastics. The series is characterized by its hex drive for straightforward installation and features a sealing collar for a neat finish and optimal hold.

In response to sustained demand and the success of these products, RAMPA Tec is incorporating the SKD30 imperial stainless steel series into our standard stock range, ensuring easy access to these top-quality fasteners for both interior and exterior applications. Made from premium stainless steel, the SKD30 fasteners offer exceptional corrosion resistance, making them the perfect choice for projects that demand longevity and durability under challenging conditions.

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