TWIG Pitch Night

August 10, 2021 @ 10:00 pm – 12:00 am America/Toronto Timezone
Patrick Christie

A component of a healthy startup ecosystem for entrepreneurs is having space to publicly share and get input during the various stages of their project development. As an idea moves through the different design stages, it needs support and information from a Rolodex of people with specific capacities. As TWIG develops its pathways, they include events like Pitch Night which focus on an essential part of the innovation process – perspective. Seeing your idea from different points of view so you can navigate decision making, material selection, technology, and eventually going to the market or public realm. 

TWIG is a network & community of wood-related professionals focused on facilitating creative projects and product development using local resources. They are creating an industry-leading forest products innovation ecosystem for people who live and work in the forests regions across British Columbia. Rooted in wood science, informed by craft, and focused on increasing connectivity through design and creativity.  

Pitch Night is an opportunity for someone who knows that they have something to offer but requires input and feedback so they can make informed choices about the next steps – where to go, what to source, who to hire, and so on. Pitch Night is not just about products and ideas to sell but includes space for an array of people who have something else to offer, such as:

  • Fiber – “I have fibre from a locally managed community forest, and I am looking and ways to we can add value to it before moving it to markets.”
  • Capacity – “I have excess capacity on a laminating press, and am looking at ways to work to utilize it in its downtime.”
  • Market – “I see an opportunity for locally made furniture that’s designed for families in small apartments, and I am thinking of starting a company.”
  • Art – “I have this large art installation project that I need to figure out how to build it with wood and engineer it.”
  • Engineering – “I have this mechanical connection for wood furniture, and I want to come up with potential uses for it and do further testing.”
  • Design – “I have a concept for a line of furniture, and I am looking to develop it around local wood species, and know very little about that.”
  • …and any other vision you may have to create something

The root of Pitch Night stems from the values prioritized at TWIG when it comes to connections. TWIG is investing in the connections so you can stay focused on what you do best. Pitch Night is a platform for our growing community to connect and discover ways to work together and support startup ideas. A circular economy starts with these smaller connections and interactions but then grows over time into strong and resilient relationships. It’s possible to create a world-class industry around high-value, innovative BC Wood products that are distinct because of the region they are coming from and the considerations we make together. 

Have an idea that’s been sticking around your head for a while? TWIG wants to hear from you about what you need and host you at Pitch Night. There will be 15-minute slots to focus on 3-4 different ideas.

Want to pitch? Contact

Want to attend? Here’s the Zoom link for 7:00-9:00 PST on August 10th.

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