EPICON – 5-axis series


The extremely successful EPICON 7235 machining centre from Holz-Her is being expanded with the introduction of the smaller EPICON 7135 and the extra-large EPICON 7335 to form the new complete range of 5-axis CNC with console tables. Throughout, the EPICON series offers an enormous machining height of 300 mm, which is ideal for five-axis machining.


  • Impressive hardware: High dynamics and perfect milling results.
  • Highly flexible table concepts: Optimum support for your workpieces
  • A clean affair: Chip conveyor belt in the machine frame
  • ChipControl: Bluetooth monitoring chip
  • SafeDetect: The new type of non-contact safety monitoring with sensor technology

EPICON 7135:

The heavy-duty design and high-precision components used in the entire EPICON series ensure perfect milling results. The 13 kW, 5-axis head, and optimally equipped drilling assemblies make these machining centers the absolute high performer in your workshop.

Whether panel machining in solid wood or composite materials – the EPICON CNC machining centers ensure optimum results! The EPICON 7135 is available with a machining depth of 1,500 mm.

Whether you want to set up the machine table using the practical dot laser, prefer the visual support offered by the unique VISE LED table or the complete automatic Synchro-Drive Table.

EPICON 7335:

The EPICON 5-axis CNC machining center opens new horizons for implementing your creativity.

All drills and units achieve machining lengths of 3,680 to 7,280 mm in the X direction and edge routing dimensions up to 2,100 mm. The extreme machining height of 300 millimeters from the top of the suction cups with a generous Z stroke of 565 millimeters offers sufficient clearance even for complex workpieces. 

The design of the Gantry bridge and machine column was optimized using the finite element to ensure absolute precision and perfectly cut workpieces even with the basic model while simultaneously allowing extremely high acceleration and cutting rates. 

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