Enclosed type dust collector equipped with pulse jet cleaning system


The Belfab RG Series from Akhurst is an enclosed type modular dust collector equipped with a continuous pulse jet cleaning system.

The series has capacities ranging from 1500 to 5000 CFM and is designed to meet the most stringent North American safety regulations for an indoor installation by incorporating flameless venting and a fire extinguishing system as a standard.

The series is suitable for collecting fine particle dust generated by sanders or CNC machining centres or any types of dust generated by a wide range of woodworking applications.

Built using modular technology, it is possible to achieve the most optimal filtration ratio. Units come with a patented 14 cu. ft. plastic tilt truck dust disposal system to allow for easy dust removal.

The series incorporates a hinged cover and access doors providing easy maintenance to the filter bags and fan motor and can be equipped with wireless communication options that will report any abnormal conditions via email or SMS.

CSAus approved, an operator-friendly interface offers real-time monitoring and displays the dust collector’s performance diagnostics.

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