Elevated Plywood Products


Garnica’s line of elevated plywood products challenges the ordinary and offers architects, designers and contractors exceptional solutions for all their projects, no matter the scale. The company will showcase their extensive collection of panels at IWF, all created from wood sourced from fast-growing plantations in Spain and France, offering superior quality and the broadest range of dimensions and thicknesses available in the market. Garnica will also unveil its newest line-up of innovative products in the North American market, including Naturbind™, Performance Ultra-SmoothPerformance Poplar HPLFireshieldUltra-light Poplar and Duraply, as well as a new innovative technology that will have an important impact in the plywood sector.

Naturbind™ by Garnica is a unique adhesive technology engineered using an exclusive no-added formaldehyde formula. This new adhesive is developed based on a natural polymer that improves indoor air quality thanks to its exclusive formula. Products using Naturbind™ adhesive comply with the most rigorous indoor air quality standards, directly making homes safer and more comfortable and positively impacting people’s health.

Ideal for the production of kitchen manufacturers, Performance Ultra-smooth, is a pre-painted plywood panel. Ready to be finished with a final coat of paint, it has exceptional qualities, including lightweight, stability and ease of machining to Garnica plywood. And the Performance Poplar HPL range is coated with decorative HPL giving this lightweight panel an exceptional resistance to impact and scratching.

The architect and contractor community will be able to find specific solutions for all types of construction projects with Garnica’s fire-rated plywood, Fireshield Building. This particular fireproof plywood is modified with an innovative treatment that provides exceptional resistance to fire, even after sanding and machining. 

In addition to all these exceptional products, Garnica will also showcase their Ultralight range, which has excellent insulation capacity and Duraply which guarantees enhanced outdoor durability.

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