EdgePro – Edge Banding for Professionals

EdgePro is a new hot-melt adhesive application head for high-quality edge banding from Robatech. This user-friendly coating head guarantees a uniform, repeatable adhesive application with clean cut-off and reduced maintenance. EdgePro allows an exact and straightforward gluing adjustment to the workpiece.

Kitchen & bath cabinet makers are recognizing that PUR hot melt adhesives are the industry standard when it comes to protecting glued joints from moisture. Customers are demanding protection against failures in the field when using these products in wet or moist environments. A chemically cross-linked glue joint with hot melt PUR makes sense. The application of this kind of adhesive requires specialized equipment.

Producers may have equipment in their facility that was not originally designed to be used with PUR adhesives. When using PUR hot melt in a machine equipped with roll coaters for edge banding, the roller pot and roller would need cleaning out at the end of every shift, otherwise the adhesive will crosslink and set. These open pot systems also allow air to come into contact with the adhesive, accelerating the cross-linking behaviour and changing the viscosity of the glue in the pot.

This leads to a decrease in repeatability, slows production and causes quality control issues. In addition, particles in the air can contaminate the adhesive which in turns migrates into the glue joint. This is not an acceptable situation when customers are demanding high quality. Fortunately, there is a machine retrofit solution from Robatech. Robatech can remove the pot and roller mechanism and outfit the machine with a closed loop coating nozzle and PUR melter.

What do we consider high-quality edge banding? A high quality edge glued joint would be one with near zero visibility of the glue line. A glue joint that doesn’t fail in the presence of moisture, one that is structurally sound and durable. This requires a precise glue application method and equipment that has the unique characteristics to gently melt and pressurize PUR hot melt. The EdgePro coating head is an outstanding performer to help you achieve this.

The demand for quick changes to varying width profiles and short run production styles are complicating the workplace environment for staff who are required to make a lot of adjustments to their edge banding make ready.

The easy-to-use EdgePro utilizes a stepless adjustment range for coating in either a manual or automatic format with servo motor precision. Let the EdgePro coating gun bring flexibility into your workplace with minimal effort.

Robatech has been engineering and building precise glue application equipment for over 30 years. The Swiss based company is now one of the largest manufacturers of glue application equipment in the world with representation in over 60 countries.

The EdgePro coating head for edge banding benefits from high quality Swiss engineering to provide the optimal nozzle geometry to achieve a uniform distribution of adhesive across the opening. In addition, a negative closing element ensures a perfect cut-off every time to keep your work piece clean and precise.

The workplace is a demanding environment for equipment and workers. The EdgePro is as durable as it is precise. This durability means higher production rates and lower waste through accurate adhesive application.

With EdgePro you will meet your goals for quality and efficiency. For example, the filters that can be easily exchanged to keep the glue gun free of the contaminants that affect glue application accuracy. This means your machine stays running longer and producing high quality results.

The EdgePro can be used to process a wide range of adhesive requirements including EVA and polyolefin hot melt adhesives as well as PUR hot melt adhesives for thermally resistant and waterproof gluing requirements. A flexible tool like the EdgePro allows you to operate with a wider range of adhesive types including viscosities ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 mPas.

  • If you demand more precision, better repeatability, and cleaner cut-off then the EdgePro is your professional choice.
  • If you are looking for a more uniform distribution of adhesive across the entire length and width of your workpiece then the edge banding solution from Robatech has something to offer you.
  • If your production flexibility needs are increasing and volume demands are pushing you to the edge, consider the EdgePro as your new working companion.

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Read more at: https://www.robatech.com/en/applications/edge-banding

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