Edge bander system adds options

SCMgroup-webThe Stefani Edge Bander Solution MD from SCM Group includes new devices and options, which are said to have been developed with a focus on perfect joint line and higher versatility of use, such as the new SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot) and the PU BOX L pre-melting unit.

Finishing quality is also said to be assured by the Air Fusion technology, that permits edgebanding without glue.

Features include: working speed up to 25 m/min;

edge banding with solid wood up to 22 mm width;

possibility to work edges with 3 different radii with the use of fully automatic “Multiedge” operating units;

device for automatic edge changeover, to avoid stopping production when a roll ends;

and, a spindle molder unit, to carry out grooving on the sides of panels.

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