EcoSynthetix DuraBind Resin Implemented by Wood Composite Leader

Sustainable, Ontario-based chemicals company EcoSynthetix, announced that one of the top 15 wood composite manufacturers will be implementing their DuraBind resin for particleboards this year. The company published the details in its FY2022 Climate Report last week. The wood composite leader produces particleboards for a renowned international leader and is another step forward in their effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Particleboard represents 55% of the international retailer’s wood-based resources by weight. The adhesive used for wood products represents 5% of the retailer’s overall carbon footprint. The manufacturer has verified bio-based adhesives as one of the most crucial movements in material selection within their supply chain and a prime enabler of obtaining their goal. This retailer has been using DuraBind resin for commercial purposes for over a year at several of its mills. The next steps that they plan to actualize include increasing the volume of resin used in the mill’s production, extending the resin to other mills they own, and adoption of it by other manufacturers within this retailer’s supply chain.

This is another significant step forward for this market leader in their ongoing commitment to improving their carbon footprint and emissions,” said Jeff MacDonald, CEO of EcoSynthetix. “Moving to a sustainable, bio-based solution like our DuraBind™ resin can have a material impact in helping them achieve their industry leading climate targets. As thought leaders in their sector, choosing to use innovative, bio-based materials that deliver both value and performance sets a standard for other manufacturers within their supply chain. It’s another example of consumers and retailers becoming increasingly aware of their impact on climate and the choices required within their buying behaviour and supply chain to make a difference.

EcoSynthetix’s DuraBind is a bio-based alternative to traditional binder solutions that have been used in the wood composites industry for decades. The resin meets the industrial standard in bond and flex strength and offers up to a 25% reduction in board-to-press sticking and a dramatic reduction in MDF blow line build-up. DuraBind enables the development of wood panels that are far more advanced than the existing regulatory standards for VOC emissions and increases the renewable capabilities of engineered wood panels.

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