E-Z Hex Inserts: Durable Solutions for Softwood Thread Reinforcement

E-Z LOK, renowned for its threaded inserts for metal, plastic, and wood, introduces E-Z Hex™ (Hex Drive) inserts and drive thread insert kits. Designed specifically for softwoods like pine, MDF, and plywood, these inserts provide robust machine threads, ideal for applications prone to thread erosion or stripping.

E-Z Hex™ inserts, available in internal thread sizes from #8 to ⅜-16, plus M6 and M8, are made from durable zinc alloy. They install effortlessly with an Allen wrench or optional drive tool, thanks to their broad external threads that ensure superior holding power. Available in both flanged (Type D) and flush (Type E) designs, they offer a versatile solution for reinforcing threads in softwoods.

These inserts are perfect for ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, drawer pulls, and display cases. E-Z LOK also provides comprehensive kits, including standard hex drive installation kits with drive tools and drill bits, and assortment kits featuring various insert sizes, catering to different project requirements.

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