Dynestic 7505 CNC machine


The nesting CNC machine Dynestic 7505 enables high-efficient panel processing with the newest nesting technology in modern gantry design. With machining dimensions from 3,100 mm (3,700 mm) in X-direction and 1,580 mm in Y-direction, the optimized construction facilitates very short processing cycles with the best processing results in the same time.

The nesting CNC processing center is equipped with an integrated 6-position linear tool changer which could perfectly be extended to 12 tool positions. The new highlight is an LED machine lettering which displays the operating status of the machine. Depending on the colour of the lettering, it is possible to see the current operating status of the Dynestic 7505. Moreover, the Dynestic 7505 has ceramic stored high-performance spindles and a fully equipped drilling head with up to 24 drilling spindles and grooving saws in X-direction.

The nesting machine Dynestic 7505 is available in the classic version and the push version. The push version contains an automated discharge pusher, an integrated vacuum, a discharge table, and a conveyor belt.

The Holz-her machine control system is an integral part of the machine’s design. The equipment package includes our comprehensive Campus/NC Hops software. This package provides the prerequisites for effective machining and convenient operation. Our ECO Mode automatic standby control is a standard feature on all Holz-her CNC machining centers for software-controlled minimization of power consumption.

  • Campus aCADemy is a full-fledged, high-performance CAD/CAM software package with versatile import features.
  • In addition to variable programming, 3D views, and simulations, the NC Hops editor offers full Z-axis interpolation and a text editor.
  • “Easy Snaps,” adjustable parameters, and well-conceived macros additionally simplify and speed up program control.
  • The work center shows the occupancy of the machine table. Tools, drilling heads, and paths are automatically optimized for all workpieces, and the machining times are calculated.
  • The tool manager MT Manager allows clear, graphic set-up using Drag & Drop technology.
  • Including sequence simulation
  • The open software architecture allows simple incorporation of existing data and connection to a wide range of branch, design, and CAD/CAM software.
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