DUROBYTE – Collaborative Robot Sanding and Buffing Station

Working in tandem with our collaborative robot, The Collaborative Robot Sanding and Buffing Station can be automatically or manually loaded. It is designed to provide companies as little part to part variation as possible along with eliminating ergonomic injuries to employees.

  • Ergonomic: removes the risk of injury from the operators performing constant buffing and sanding processes and has them working with the robot performing the more critical role of part to part quality.
  • Accuracy: collaborative robots are designed to work as part of a team. Robotic accuracy ensures less part to part variability and less product wasting.
  • Speed: with a known part to part time, parts can be presented and inspected while the robot does the work.
  • Ease of use: With a user friendly one button and pendant design, DuroByte offers an easier drop in solution for facilities.
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